The Greek islands are becoming more and more popular for tourists from all around the globe. The things that make the islands so attractive are their historical background, inspiring culture, and the warmth of the locals. Due to the great number of islands Greece has, it can be a daunting task to choose your next holiday destination.

Skiathos Island is the perfect place to go on holiday. This island is world known for its golden sandy beaches, where lots of tourists arrive each summer to enjoy the weather and many other things the Greek have. Although there is a great deal of tourists in the island, you will find that Skiathos is the most important Greek destination mainly for its holiday resorts.

The island of Skiathos has a little airport on the north side and there are flights every day from the island to Athens. You also have the chance to taking a passenger ship to get to the island, especially in the summer when you can see other islands too.

The island has a very reliable public transport service with buses and taxis that will give you the chance to the see the must-see places. You could also rent a car or a motorbike if you don’t want to depend on public transport.

There are some appealing attractions in the island as well. You should go to Skiathos Town that is full of red-roofed and quaint white houses that shine thanks to the sun. The town is located between two hills and offers a wide range of stores, restaurants and pubs.

The Town is where the well-known novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis was born. As a matter of fact, you can see the house where he grew up which is now a museum. This allows you to understand the kinds of books Papadiamantis wrote and how the area influenced him.

Another popular thing to do is take a boat tour around the island for half a day for a full day. Some boats offer scuba diving sessions while others might take you to other islands that are close to Skiathos.

Skiathos has more than sixty beaches, which makes it a traveller’s paradise. The most fashionable beaches are Megali Amos, Vromolimnos Beach, Kolios Beach and Troulos Beach.

If you enjoy culture then Skiathos is the place for you. You can go to Kastro, which is a town especially built to protect its inhabitants from pirate attacks. The town is located in north of Skiathos Island and it has reconstructed churches and breath-taking views.

You can’t leave the island without seeing an eighteenth century monastery called Moni Evangelistrias. The monastery is located four hundred and fifty metres above sea level and it is encircled by cypress and pine trees. In the course of the war of independence, the monastery was used a shelter for refugees.

The island of Skiathos is the perfect place to go on holiday because it offers tourists everything they want to do and see while they are away from their homes.


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