If you want to go to on holiday to Greece and you really expect to live a real Greek experience, then the best place to go to is Syros Island. This small island, located in the middle of the Cyclades, has a great number of inhabitants, which make the Island a rich area in terms of culture and character. Apart from that the island of Syros is the administrative area of the Cyclades, which means that if you do something unlawful, you will have to go to Syros Island.

The island prides itself on the light-blue, transparent waters, white sandy coasts and a rich historical background. Recent archaeological studies have shown that the island of Syros has been inhabited from the Neolithic era up until these days.

In the course of the Middle Ages, Syros housed a large number of Roman Catholic inhabitants, Capuchin monks and Jesuits who arrived in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. While the Greek were fighting for their Independence, Syros turned into a place of safety for those who had lost their houses in the hands of the Turks. This made the island flourish in different aspects throughout the nineteenth century.

The capital of Syros is Ermoupolis, which forced the refugees out of the town in the course of the war of Independence. Nowadays, the city of Ermoupolis, named after the God of commerce, is a lively place to go to, with lots of palaces and historical buildings.

The most important ship for passengers is on the south west of the port and the bus station on the shore. If you want to see the main square, you should walk no more than two blocks from the passenger ship.

The island of Syros is full of outstanding views. You could actually start your tour of the city in the ancient settlement of Ano Syros, which has several tapering passages and picturesque Greek houses. Apart from that you can go to the ancient Catholic Church of Agios Georgios that has an amazing barrel roof. In the same street, you will find the Vamvakaris museum, which was built in memory of the well-known blues singer Markos Vamvakaris.

If you want to learn more about the history of the island, you should go to the Industrial Museum of Ermoupolis, which is only a kilometre away from town.

Galissas, to the west of Ermoupolis, is the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy the sunshine in the white-sandy beaches of the area. Near there, you will also find some other beaches, which are famous for its laid-back style.

The locals know that the island of Syros is famous for the amount of social activities and entertainment you will find at night. There are pubs and restaurants where you can have dinner and let your hair down after a busy holiday in Greece.


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