Visiting Northwest Vietnam

When you go to the Northwest part of Vietnam, whatever you see will definitely take your breath away. The environment is quite primitive and it will give you a Vietnamese feel when you visit it.
Hoa Binh

It is positioned on the banks of the black river (also called Da River). It is located 75 Km and it will take you just two and a half hours to reach this place. This place has some of the most spectacular scene in Vietnam. The prehistoric Hoabinhian’s civilization is surrounded by archaeological excavations which have a distinct beauty. You can access more information concerning these excavations when you visit the province museum Hoa Binh. You will find a huge collection of artifacts about this area’s history.

Mai Chau

When you now want to leave Hoa Binh you cn travel to Mai Chau where you will some of the most amazing mountain scenes along the way. You will not fail to see turtle shaped roof of buildings belonging to the Muong minority is the first part that you will see when starting your journey and when you continue travelling you will be able to see some silted houses that dominate the Thai architecture. You will enjoy walking in Mai Chau or trekking as well as hiking if you are a fan.

Dien Bien Phu:

When you continue with your journey towards the north western region you will reach Dien Bien Phu which is a little town but has a place in some of the known history books. The famous battle of Dien Bien Phu which took place in 1954 happened in this place, and this is the battle that marked the end of Vietnam colonization. Here you will find the Historic Victory Exhibition Museum which has some of the historic weaponry that was used by the Americans, French and the Chinese people during this famous battle. A bunker has been built to appreciate the courageous Vietnamese soldiers who died during the battle. The region that experienced one of the fiercest fights is the Hill A1.


Sapa is also located on the northwest part and is located was discovered just recently and it has a charming feel for anyone who decides to visit the area. There are several places to visit in this area and the first is the Sapa Church and it is relatively young, it holds lots of memories since it is the area where two bodies of former priests were found and one was brutally murdered after a quarrel with one of the local monks.

This region has got a tropical climate and some of the most amazing cliffs that rise dramatically from flat land making it exquisite.


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