Visiting China

Unique and exciting, China is a destination unlike no other. There are very few places in the world where you can visit an ancient temple, go shopping for designer clothing in the same day and have your breath taken away by glorious mountainous scenery.

From the dizzyingly bright lights of Shanghai and Beijing to the quiet serenity of the countryside to the beauty of the desert, China is a land of extreme opposites. A melting pot of cultures, traditions and history, the Middle Kingdom has a wealth of attractions guaranteed to keep everyone in high spirits.

A blend of old and new, China is rapidly moving forward into the modern world. In many cities, high rise offices and apartment buildings seem to dominate the skyline but the incense wafting from nearby ancient temples tells how the old traditions and customs still have their place in contemporary Chinese society.

Beijing is typically the first stop on any Chinese tour, a popular choice due to the amount of historical and cultural sites. Head outside the city limits, however, and visitors will be amazed at the many national parks there are in the vicinity. The dramatic city of Shanghai, like the capital, is a bustling hive of activity, especially in the Bund district, but quaint and traditional towns and villages are dotted all around the city’s boundaries.

China offers much in the way of stunning natural scenery. From cruising down the River Li in Guilin, the terraced rice fields in the south of the country, the white sandy beaches in Sanya and the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China’s geography is both vast and breathtaking.

The food in China is just as varied and distinct as the rest of the country. Peking duck in Beijing will take the taste buds on a holiday all of their own. Xian has long been famous for its scrumptious dumpling dinners whilst Hong Kong is known for dim sum. Travelling around China offers visitors the chance to experience a world of new flavours, textures and sometimes even new ingredients.


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