Chinese people have the belief that the hot peppers used in their meals helps them diminish the inner moisture the humid, rainy weather conditions causes them to have.

The province of Sichuan is perfect for people who want to travel abroad for no more than two weeks. This is, without doubt, one of the most important regions in China because of its historical value. Remember that the Shang dynasty discovered the Sanxingdui culture, which made the province world famous.
There are a lot of places to see while you are in Sichuan, which might probably make you stay longer than planned in order to enjoy everything.

This is a must-see place when you go to Sichuan Province. This area is also referred to as Perfect Metropolis, and it’s the place where the well-known Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre is located. If you go to this area in autumn, you might be lucky and see some of the new-born pandas in the nursery.
Chengdu has many different temples you can see. Wenshu Temple is the biggest and the one that is best kept. This is a Buddhist temple. The Zhaojue temple was built more than fifteen centuries ago and it has been just reconditioned. Another temple you should see is the Wudhou Temple, which is located in the best place. You could also visit the tomb of Wang Jian where you will see the typical Chinese buildings and structures.

This small village is perfect for those who want to see China from a different perspective. The village is full of amazing views, black-roofed houses, temples such as the Zhang Fei and the Grand Buddha.

-Emei Shan
If you are keen on history and spirituality, the place to go to is Emei Shan. This mountain is part of the list of four Buddhist Mountains in China. The landscapes are full of greenery, tea trees, blossoming flowers, lots of temples and monasteries and the unsurpassable rise and set of the sun.

This place is commonly referred to as Dardo and it is the perfect place to see if you want to live a Tibetan experience without really getting to Tibet. There are lots of beautifully decorated Lamas temples around the village, which are all well-known for a song that describes the area with great details.
You will have the chance to see the Anjue Temple, which was built by the fifth Dalai Lama. There’s also the Nanwu Temple, which is the property of the Yellow Hat section Buddhism.

The Province of Sichuan is an important area of China, which will allow you to enjoy the best holiday of your life.


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