Tokyo – Where You Should Visit

Japan is a strikingly beautiful country. Located north of China and Korea, it consists of numerous islands which create an amazing journey for those who make the time to visit here.

This is the land of the beautiful yet mystifying geishas, scented cherry blossoms and delicious sake. This is a land where history comes to life yet embraces modern life with welcome arms. This is a land full of historical costumes but features the latest in cutting edge fashions. A land where swords still rule alongside the very latest in technological designs … this is Japan.

The capital of this amazing country is Tokyo, and it is a city where you will need several weeks just to get around and see everything there is to offer. This travel guide will help you get around.


This lovely little museum is around 50m from the Meiji-jingumae subway station where you can gaze in wonder at the spectacular collection of wooden block prints known as ukiyo-e. Remember that you cannot walk around in your shoes here, but you will be given a pair of slippers instead.


This magnificent temple is the beautiful home of the golden image of the Japanese Buddhist goddess of mercy Kannon. According to legends, the statue was fished out of the sea in 628 CE by two fishermen. They brought it to land and it has remained in its present location ever since then but the temple itself only dates to 1950. However, you won’t actually be able to see this beautiful statue – its location is a secret but people still come here to pray

There are many jinriksha (people who drive rickshaws) around the area which adds to the charm and appeal. They offer tours which can be a little expensive at times. There are also many stores along the shopping street where you can pick up souvenirs and kimonos.


If you want to experience what life was like in old Tokyo then you should pay a visit to Shitamachi History Museum. This museum recreates the peasant quarters the city in Edo times. You can see a merchant’s shop, a delicious sweet store, a tenement house and the home and business of a copper boiler maker.


The Tokyo National Museum is the museum in Japan where you should definitely make the time to visit. It is the largest museum in the country, housing more than 87,000 artefacts from different eras, including the largest collection of Japanese art. There are four main galleries in the museum, each housing display after display of many wonderful pieces that will seemingly transport you back to a time of samurai and geishas.


The Saigo Takamori Statue is quite a sight to behold. It is of a samurai walking his dog and marks the entrance to the park where many people congregate. Saigo Takamori initially supported the Meiji Restoration but eventually ended up killing himself by ritual disembowelment in opposition to it.


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