The Greek islands are all spectacular places to see. Symi, located to the South of Dodecanese, is becoming one of the most popular destinations for short breaks and for long holidays for tourists from all over the world. The island’s weather combined with its breath taking views and the great terrain for adventure travellers, make Symi a unique place. In the past, the island lived mainly thanks to the shipbuilding industry and sponge-diving trade. However, nowadays, the tourism industry is flourishing.

Greece is a country full of history and Symi is not the exception. Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, the Turks allowed the Greek inhabitants of the island of Symi to dive in search of sponges. As a compensation for this, Symi gave the emperor the best ships and sponges they could find.

These two industries turned the island into a wealthy place, where palaces of all dimensions, schools and cultural buildings were built. By the middle of the twentieth century, the island’s two main industries started to decline because the Italians had started to manufacture steamship and another island had become the new suppliers of sponges. Nowadays, the island is turning into a touristic paradise in the Aegean.

If you want to go to Symi, you can take a passenger ship at Rhodes. It’s important to say that there are only two ships that take passengers to nearby islands a week but you can get to Symi by car too. The public transportation services are pretty good and there are tour boats and water taxis that can take you wherever you want to go.

Gialos is a must for tourists because the harbour is always full of boats and the area is surrounded by white palaces that seem to be on top of the hills. Nevertheless, most of the palaces are not in really good condition.

Another spot to see is Herio, which is full of tapering streets cross by elegant archways. When you get to this little village, you should see the Knights of St John Kastro and the Megali Panagia Church.

You can also visit the Archaeological and Folklore Museum, where you will be able to see objects from Roman and Byzantine times and fully understand the historical background of Symi. Another interesting museum is the Naval Museum, where there are different ship models and other naval objects.

The island of Symi is the perfect place for those who enjoy fishing. There are several small fishing communities such Pedi, which is about two kilometres away from Horio. Pedi also has beaches where you can unwind and sunbathe for some time.

In the island there’s a monastery called the Moni Taxiarhou Mihail Panormiti, which is situated amongst pine trees. This monastery was constructed in the eighteenth century and it has staggering paintings and images of St Michael.

Apart from the jaw dropping views, amazing weather and warmth of the locals, the island has a wide range of stores, restaurants and beaches that make it the best destination for newlyweds.


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