If you haven’t walked the Great Wall, then you are not a man’– this is a statement according to Mao Zedong.

The Great Wall of China is said to have been built thousands of years ago and it stretches close to six thousands of kilometres in different parts of China. This wall is said to be the pride of the Chinese and has so far become China’s icon.

Many tourists from every corner of the world always fantasize walking across the Great Wall of China. When they visit China they will always talk of the Wall and yes, they really need to since the Great Wall is not just some mere wall you will be walking on but walking on it will bring out that feeling of walking on the path of great history.

Many will choose to go to Beijing for a greater experience of the Great Wall. You will only drive for thirty minutes towards the North of the capital and you will reach the famous Badaling section where many local and international tourists have taken quite a number of photographs in this section, and you will not fail to see why this is so. This site will offer a natural and exquisite view of the wall sneaking between the mountains like a snake.

It’s not fun walking along the Wall solo, this is the type of experience you will have fun walking with a group of people. A perfect day to walk along the Wall is during the weekend when you will see a large crowd of people flocking towards the Great Wall to have their fun as compared to going there during the week when only a few people will go.

You will have two options to choose from when you reach the Badaling section, you can decide to take the right the right hand side option though you will go higher in comparison to the left hand side option which you will be going down instead. The second option is fairly easy to walk than the right side which will require experienced hikers who choose it. The view is just magnificent when walking along the Great Wall.

The walls in Badaling were built during the Ming Dynasty (1338-1664) and the brickwork is still in good shape. There are watch towers along the Great Wall where one can get in and watch the magnificent view clearly. Some parts of the wall are however in ruins already thus walking along the wall will give you a totally different experience.

Parts of the Great Wall have also undergone extensive restorations since in the 1950s to 80s in the Badaling section. However, some parts of the Great Wall have already turned into dust and can even be seen from a distance. This will clearly show you how much this wall has played in the history of the China nation.

Some of the ancient soldiers of china walked along this wall when going to defend their people from the invaders and you walking along this wall will make you be part of the history that the Great Wall of China has. You will have the chance to connect with the people that will be walking along with you across this wall and this will make you be connected with China at the same time.


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