Croatia is a fantastic place to visit if you are searching for somewhere different to spend your holidays. For years it was the nearby Western European countries which attracted international tourists but due to many reasons, visitors are now flocking to the Baltic countries instead, attracted by fewer tourists, interesting history, stunning natural beauty and being ‘somewhere different’. This travel guide to Cres will take you on a fascinating journey of this astonishing destination.

Croatia has many different places for you to visit but her islands are truly spectacular. Cres is a stunning island which only takes around a 20 minute ferry journey from Brestova. Cres is actually more difficult to reach by ferry than other Croatian islands like Rab or Krk but she is well worth the trouble. Imagine, if you possibly can, tradition villages that appear to have been taken out of a folktale, lush olive groves and an atmosphere of peace, tranquillity and charm.

When you land in Cres you will arrive in Kvarner Bay but start your tour of the island at Cres Town. The image of Cres Town, nestled in a bay with a picturesque fishing village surrounding it, stays with tourists for all time. The Town’s architecture is a smorgasbord of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, a striking combination, and the many churches, monasteries and palaces means you will never get bored. Enter the town via the 16thcentury town gates and you will feel yourself being watched – this is because of a pair of Venetian lions which sit upon them who the locals say guards the town.

For those who are lovers of nature then head to the north of the island where you will discover the Eco-Centre Caput Insulae-Beli. This place is situated in a densely forested mountainous part of the island and it is their job to look after the forests and all who dwell in it. In addition to this, the centre has several interesting displays which takes you on a fascinating journey on the history of northern Cres.

Beach bunnies will go crazy for the beaches found on Cres. The best beach on the island is located at Kovacine campsite as they were awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for its high standards of hygiene. It is a man-made beach, but that doesn’t deter people. Another good beach to visit is in Valun Village and a day trip here will also allow you to visit the Valun Tablet, a gravestone which has been inscribed with a form of writing called Glagolitic, the oldest ever found.

Head southwest and you will come across the charming town of Osor, located in the channel separating Cres and Losinj. Osor became wealthy due to the trading ships that passed it by and as such, beautified itself with various buildings. If you come here, make sure you pay a visit to the town cathedral and the Osor Archaeological Collection.

Cres is a stunning place for you to visit. When you come here, the friendliness, the food, the cultural attractions and beauty of the island will make you want to come back here time and time again.


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