In the last ten years Cuba has emerged on the travel scene as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Transforming itself from the reflection of an isolated country to a glittering and hip country, Cuba has completely modified itself. Part of the Caribbean, everything about Cuba is hot, hot, hot – from the warm weather to salsa and the rum.

Known around the world for its infamous political issues, Cuba holidays are now famous for its glorious beaches, the dazzling lush green covered peaks and the crystalline warm waters that surround this amazing island.


The capital of Cuba, Havana is one of those destinations that you will never forget. This is a city full of distinction, of class, of history and a style all of its own. Wandering around the streets of Havana is an experience all by itself, as you soak up the atmosphere you get to understand where the Cubans have come from and where they intend to go. Brand new shopping centres have been erected and restoration projects have highlighted the amazing craftsmanship and artistry of the locals. There are many tourist attractions in Havana that are guaranteed to make each sense burst into colour and life, and the only time you will want to stop is when your feet are screaming for you to rest.


Head away from the capital and make your way to Varadero, a package holiday resort on this beautiful island. This seaside town is quite a contrast to Havana, it is a place of exceptional beauty, a calmer place but where fun still oozes from every corner. This is the place to head to if you are a beach lover and want to soak up the sun on the softest, whitest sand ever to be found in the Caribbean. You will have no lack of accommodation to choose from, with many five star hotels sprawled along the coastline.

The crystal clear waters along the peninsula are world famous for its water sports. There are three marinas with numerous diving clubs where you can hire all the necessary equipment and gain the best advice. If you love to dive, then you won’t be disappointed as there are more than thirty spots for you to explore, each one more beautiful than the last and home to an amazing array of aquatic life.


If you are searching for exquisiteness then look no further than Baracoa. Proclaimed as the most beautiful spot in Cuba, this historical town is surrounded by the serenity of the sea on one side and the lush green mountains on the other. Although it is a small town, it pulsates with a buzz that even the biggest cities in the world couldn’t match.

The town itself was established in 1511 by Diego de Velazquez but was called Porto Santo by Christopher Columbus who came here in 1492. Make your way to this energetic little town to visit the great archaeological museum where you can get to learn more about the people who lived here before Columbus arrived. You can even see the cross that Columbus supposedly had planted in the ground here centuries ago.

Eating in Cuba

To experience Cuba you have to experience authentic Cuba cuisine. The food on this island is just as lovely as the country is itself. There are several great, high restaurants where you can sample the finest food but also try some of the smaller eateries along the side streets, where you can try congri and tostones that will send your tastebuds on a trip of a lifetime.

Cuba is a destination that gives you the perfect holiday, from glorious beaches, to great cultural activities and a nightlife that cannot be beaten by its Caribbean neighbours. So, if you are looking for your next holiday destination, look no further than Cuba. Your Cuba holidays will be memories to cherish for the rest of your lives.


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